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ANZ Munzee Competition (Active)

Desription: Competition for Australian and New Zealand Players

Rules: All entries must be Australian or NZ based. You do not need to be in a clan. New members need to register before the 3rd of the month. All Categories of this competition are based on Clan Battle Periods. Participant list rolls over from month to month. Please ask to be removed if you no longer wish to participate.

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Round May 2016 161
Round April 2016 126
Round February 2016 161
Round January 2016 161
Round October 2015 161
Round September 2015 161
Round August 2015 161
Round July 2015 161
Round May 2015 161
Round April 2015 161
Round March 2015 155
Round February 2015 155


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clairebear   clairebear
colisasota   colisasota
collingwood14   collingwood14
CoOps24   CoOps24
Cramer   Cramer
CrazyLadyLisa   CrazyLadyLisa
curly   curly
CycloneBrian   CycloneBrian
Czechroo   Czechroo
DarkBaron   DarkBaron
debandian   debandian
Drat1964   Drat1964
drew637   drew637
DTas   DTas
duncdonut73   duncdonut73
DylanK   DylanK
egginthesky   egginthesky
emlbaker   emlbaker
Emorillo   Emorillo
ewakef   ewakef
FancyFeathers   FancyFeathers
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Froggy42   Froggy42
froghoppin   froghoppin
Gaga66   Gaga66
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geoHtigersden   geoHtigersden
geonanna   geonanna
GJarvo   GJarvo
gra2   gra2
halley   halley
Harmsen11   Harmsen11
hijax   hijax
hinco   hinco
Hinklenator   Hinklenator
Hitman35mm   Hitman35mm
hootsman   hootsman
Immie   Immie
Incogneto   Incogneto
Jackhammer   Jackhammer
Jackthemonkey   Jackthemonkey
JasperCottage   JasperCottage
Jonads   Jonads
Justforfun33   Justforfun33
JustinCBR   JustinCBR
justjessie   justjessie
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Kahluakel   Kahluakel
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kellyxley   kellyxley
Kelzbelz1975   Kelzbelz1975
kidzjct   kidzjct
KingBoo   KingBoo
kirdonnemo   kirdonnemo
kirstyr   kirstyr
LadyTimeLord   LadyTimeLord
Landsergruppe   Landsergruppe
lasercat   lasercat
Leadninja   Leadninja
lexilou   lexilou
Lockbob   Lockbob
LozzieNick   LozzieNick
magszee   magszee
majorboardom   majorboardom
makoti   makoti
masonb52   masonb52
matthotlips   matthotlips
mattycat   mattycat
McChickenNugget   McChickenNugget
Meredith16a   Meredith16a
Methods   Methods
Michael72   Michael72
Midge   Midge
miniman000   miniman000
minimunzo   minimunzo
MiniRuby   MiniRuby
Muggledodgas   Muggledodgas
MunzeeSamba   MunzeeSamba
MusicManAus   MusicManAus
natgirl   natgirl
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O319   O319
Obi-Cal   Obi-Cal
oldmits   oldmits
Ottoyourmotto   Ottoyourmotto
PandG2   PandG2
parislaura   parislaura
prmarks1391   prmarks1391
quasar   quasar
Questing4   Questing4
quietlyinsane   quietlyinsane
rebelacts   rebelacts
redman   redman
rednuam6   rednuam6
richo55   richo55
robeert   robeert
rogue   rogue
Rubik80   Rubik80
rubymoon05   rubymoon05
ryves   ryves
sarajsmith74   sarajsmith74
Scraggalicous   Scraggalicous
SeekNmunz   SeekNmunz
shaynemarks   shaynemarks
siouxx05   siouxx05
skyfox   skyfox
smitchnstu   smitchnstu
Snoopee   Snoopee
Sora2005   Sora2005
Spatialriq   Spatialriq
spidermonkey9   spidermonkey9
SpySmurf   SpySmurf
sunsetjude   sunsetjude
Surfchick3434   Surfchick3434
SwampMonster   SwampMonster
tassiemunzette   tassiemunzette
TeamAshandy   TeamAshandy
TeamPathfinder   TeamPathfinder
thebitbandit   thebitbandit
theepicdude23   theepicdude23
TheItalianJob   TheItalianJob
TheMachman   TheMachman
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ToranaGuy   ToranaGuy
trenton8or   trenton8or
UpGullyGirl   UpGullyGirl
WanderingAus   WanderingAus
wanderingausl   wanderingausl
WellstrandTribe   WellstrandTribe
Wiseowl   Wiseowl
woomie56   woomie56
zeldafan73   zeldafan73
Ziggy58   Ziggy58
zoratz   zoratz
zork   zork

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